Call 503-832-6460 for Concrete Pumping

 Serving the Portland Metro Area, McMinnville and to the Coast. "Don't Hump It, Pump It"  JR Concrete Pumping Portland.  Call 503-832-6460. Reduces Raking and Pushing Mud. Line Pumping and Boom Pumping. We can supply concrete

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Call 503-832-6460 forCONCRETE PUMPING

 Concrete Pumping (boom pumps and line pumps) in the Portland Metro Area.  Call 503-832-6460 to discuss your project. Ideal to pump concrete if is too dangerous or expensive to move by

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Convenience of Concrete PUMPING

 Concrete Pumping is very convenient if you have any of the following problems:  Too much concrete, too far from truck, up hill, down hill, over obstacles, inside buildings.

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Don't Hump It, Pump It

 Serving The Portland Metro Area, McMinnville to the Coast. "Don't Hump It, Pump It"  JR Concrete Pumping Portland.  Call 503-832-6460. Reduces Raking and Pushing Mud. Line Pumping and Boom Pumping. We can supply concrete

Typical Concrete Pumping Projects

"Don't Hump It, Pump It."  Concrete pumping to where a truck can't get, please call us now at 503-832-6460.  

Larger Volume Concrete Jobs We Typically Pump Concrete To.

  • Residential Construction Foundations
  • House Raising
  • Flowfill for Utility Work

Concrete Pumped to a Very Narrow Area

  • Foundation Walls and Footers
  • Grout Pumped Into Concrete Blocks
  • Flow Fill Pumped into Long Utility Trenches

Concrete Pumped to a Distance Far From Truck

  • Outdoor Kitchens
  • Patios at back of house
  • Pool and Spa Decks




Concrete Pumping to a Different Elevation From Truck

  • Down hill to below grade foundations
  • Up hill to locations where it would be impossible to wheel barrow.
  • Second or Third Floors of a building

Concrete Pumping Over Soft or Special Terrain

  • Pumped over gardens or marshy areas
  • Pumped over new grass

Concrete Pumped Where Cleanliness Is an Issue

  • Concrete pumped over decorative concrete or pavers

Why Concrete Pumping is Often the Least Cost Alternative

If you have to move much concrete from the truck to the actual pouring area, then consider having it pumped. A wheel barrow typically holds between three and six cubic feet of volume. However, concrete is much heavier than leaves or wood or even dirt. If you are trying to move 200 lbs of concrete per wheel barrow load, then it would take 16 trips to move a yard of concrete*. At 200 lbs, even the slightest UP HILL incline will slow down all but the fittest workers. The slightest DOWNHILL incline might even be dangerous depending on the slope and the footing.

Secondly, when you pour concrete into forms, someone needs to be spreading it and working with it. With the pump, you can place the concrete right where it goes, reducing raking and pushing concrete which is time consuming and back breaking.  Add the time it takes to walk between the truck and the concrete pour another fifteen times per yard and you can see the time adding up. You also have to think about your workers safety, fitness, break time, inclines, footing, room to maneuver many wheel barrow loads, the damage to the ground that many trips of heavy wheel barrows and workers can cause and it all adds up to having the concrete pumped.

If your concrete finishers are making really good money, you don't want them to spend the day raking and pushing concrete to where it belongs.  Just pump it where it goes.  If your wheel barrow jockeys are making $10 per hour, and you have to pay the concrete truck extra $1 per minute for the delay in unloading over 20 minutes, you can see that $500 for the concrete pump is a bargain.

* A yard of concrete weighs roughly 3,300 lbs. A yard is three feet cubed or 27 cubic feet. One cubic foot of concrete would likely weigh close to 120 lbs and at one cubic foot per wheel barrow trip, it would take 27 trips per yard. (Se habla español)

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Concrete PumpingTypical Reasons To Pump

"Don't Hump It, Pump It" (Se habla español)


 Too much volume to move any other way

More Efficient

 Pumping eliminates excess raking or pushing mud.  Reduces the amount of back breaking screed work 


Pump concrete when to wheel barrow would be dangerous because concrete pour is UP hill or DOWN hill from the truck location .

Too Many Obstacles

 Trees, fences, doorways, windows and other obstacles may be in the way. Concrete may need to be moved over soft ground, marsh area, landscapting or new grass.


 Pour area is a long way from the concrete delivery truck

No Other Way

 Concrete pour area can't be reached by the truck, such as inside a building, basement or other places where there is not enough room for the truck.